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Depression in Older Adults


For many people, January is a bleak month – holidays are over, credit card debt lingers, vacations have ended, and resolutions for the new year have already been broken. British psychologist Chris Arnall theorized that, according to a mathematical formula, the third Monday of the year is the most depressing day of the year. Although “Blue Monday” was started as a publicity campaign by Sky Travel and scientists have deemed the formula to be pseudoscience, social workers, therapists and counselors do say that more people seek help for depression in January than in DecemberContinue reading

Managing Care Between Home and Hospice


The gradual deterioration of health experienced by many frail and chronically ill elderly is, referred to as the “gray zone”, is a condition that lies somewhere between treatable disease and terminal illness. When should providers switch from treatment to hospice, or even begin to dial back on the tests, drugs and procedures they prescribe for the frail elderly? Read the full Modern Healthcare article.