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MeMa’s Babies Mission: A Help for Those with Alzheimer’s

The daughters of a former Island Hospice patient, moved by how positively their mother responded to being given a baby doll, formed a nonprofit to collect money to purchase dolls for Alzheimer’s patients at Oxton Place, an assisted living facility in Savannah, Georgia. Two of our Island Hospice employees, Debbie Feliciano, RN, and Ken Sharpe, Spiritual Counselor, got involved as well. Together they raised over $2,000 for MeMa’s Babies Mission.

These actions caught the attention of the Spirit Newspaper of Pooler, Georgia. Continue reading

Island Hospice “Purple People” Spotted at Beaufort Water Festival Parade

Our Island Hospice “Purple People” were spotted at the 2015 Beaufort Water Festival Parade on Saturday, July 25th. Thank you to everyone who came out to support Island Hospice and the Beaufort community!beaufort_water_festival_parade_20150725 Continue reading

Island Hospice Brings Holiday Cheer to Residents of Morningside Assisted Living Facility

On December 17th, THA Group’s Island Hospice team members experienced a magical afternoon at the Morningside Assisted Living Facility. Above the front door is a “Welcome Home” sign, and this is exactly you feel when you enter the beautifully decorated building.

Island Hospice staff members Jenna Watkins (Music Therapist), Owen Tucker (Chaplain), Betsy Kane (RN Patient Care Coordinator) and others were greeted by the smiling faces of the staff and residents. A group of local home schooled children were also in attendance.

Jenna Watkins visits the Morningside residents every other week to offer music therapy and interaction. This particular visit turned into a holiday celebration. Jenna played guitar and sang, while the children entertained and played their maracas, wooden musical instruments and various other fun instruments. The residents received treats to enjoy with punch. The room was full of happy faces and warm hearts as all enjoyed singing familiar Christmas carols and other favorite songs.

As the celebration ended with the singing of “Happy Trails,” the room opened to further laughter and story sharing. Children spoke to their elders and were thanked for their efforts. As everyone sang, one special child made her way around the room, making eye contact and reach out to different people. While her mother indicated that she is actually quite shy, it appears she may just be more comfortable with her elders!

This is one example of how Island Hospice not only delivers exceptional hospice care, but also connects with people within our communities. We believe in building relationships and developing new friendships.

To see photos from the holiday celebration at Morningside, visit our Facebook page.


Special thanks to Betsy Kane for contributing this blog and photos, and for obtaining consent forms.